[image: Apicius]

Though we won’t find out the dishes until the issue goes on sale November 21st, Spanish gastro-mag Apicius has put together a list of their 21 best dishes of the last decade, in order to celebrate their first decade.  On that list?  Names like Albert Adriá, Michael Bras, Jordi Roca, and more, as well as two Peruvian giants, Gastón Acurio and Virgilio Martínez.  That’s what we like to think of as Peru slowly taking over the world.

There’s no telling exactly what dishes will make the cut for the best of the last decade, particularly given the depth of talent that has created the dishes that will be on there.  Regardless, the mere mention of two Peruvians on such a list speaks volumes about what the country has done in the last ten years to promote its cuisine.  Martínez’s dish will undoubtedly reflect the endemic products of Peru, and Acurio’s will most likely be an updated classic, a show of the both the modern and traditional dishes that have helped put Peru on the international culinary map.

If we had to guess what the same list would look like ten years from now, there would be even more South American as well as North American names on the list.  For now, here’s to the Southwestern hemisphere and all of its bounty.  What’s for lunch?

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